Kappa League

Kappa League - Mentoring Institution

The mission of the Kappa League Program is to become a mentoring institution that creates the next generation of America's influential, inspirational, and transformational leaders of the 21st Century.

For all members, Kappa league Program to graduate and attend a 4-year post secondary institution.

To create a new generation of dynamic, influential and inspirational young leaders that will make an impact in all five sectors of society throughout the world (see Academic Strand Selection).

For the Kappa League to be used as an instrument to create an environment of positive peer pressure through academic and community service led program.

Our Kappa League program was designed in direct response to the continuing crisis in the African-American community regarding our younger males. The program addresses some of those problems facing the African American youth through a variety of seminars, lectures, field trips and workshops which are all geared toward improving such characteristics as the student's cultural awareness/diversity, academic achievement, emotional, mental, and physical development.


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