Congress Heights Community Training & Devlopment Corporation

CHCTDC – Improving Quality of Life

Congress Heights Community Training and Development Corporation (CHCTDC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, incorporated on April 20, 1988, under the laws of the Government of the District of Columbia. CHCTDC ( was founded for the purpose of improving the quality of life of residents in Washington, D.C., East of the River, Anacostia, Congress Heights, Southeast D.C. and surrounding parts of Maryland in economically depressed areas by providing job placement opportunities that would aid in the reduction of unemployment and underemployment by promoting self sufficiency. These thrusts would be realized through educational, vocational, job readiness, and job placement opportunities to improve residents’ capabilities to compete in a competitive job market.

CHCTDC operated under the premise until 1994, when the board of directors reevaluated the mission by looking critically at ways to improve the overall quality of life of residents by incorporating goals and objectives that would more readily address the chronic problems that persist in economically depressed areas. The Articles of Incorporation were amended to include economic development services consisting of business development, entrepreneurial training, and financial management. CHCTDC has become actively involved in the implementation of economic development projects in collaboration with private public entities that will stimulate job creation and provide affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income residents, specifically enterprise, economic, and development zones.



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